Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer 2012 Group Shot

We had a busy summer here...

Here is a group shot from August, 2012. It was getting a little crowded around here for awhile. Some of these guys will get their own pages soon, but for now we just got them all together for a group shot.

Summer 2012 Group Shot
Summer 2012 Group Shot

On the walls, left to right:
  • Applause AE-15 12-string
  • Ibanez PF-10
  • Applause AA-31
On stands, left to right:
  • Teisco (?) CE-101, with gold-foil pickup
  • Ibanez RX-60
  • Trump solidbody electric, with gold-foil pickup
  • Indiana Strat copy
  • First Act bass
Leaning against speaker cab:
  • Yamaha G-55A classical